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You may be aware that online gaming is fun. You may know that online gaming offers excitement and opportunities to earn prizes. You may have heard that playing online casino games presents you with opportunities to relax and enjoy an evening of leisurely entertainment from the comfort of your own home or on your personal handheld mobile device. What you may not have heard is that playing online casino games is good for your emotional health and actually promotes intellectual stimulation that can forestall dementia. Counseling professionals have been intrigued by recent findings that show that playing a few rounds of casino games supports the development of “feel good” endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, that can infuse you with a mood of genial good will. These counselors suggest online gaming to their clients who are experiencing low levels of depression as an alternate to taking pharmaceutical drugs. However, they also note that playing games can help everyone feel good, avoid depression and enhance their overall online-blackjackemotional well-being. In addition to the emotional benefits of gaming, medical researchers have found a definite link between the kind of deciphering expertise that mazes, puzzles and games advance and a reduction in incidences of dementia. Online gaming is often compared to working on puzzles or doing mazes — both activities boost analytical skills, help people with problem-solving proficiency and promote a strong aptitude for processing which, researchers believe, inhibit the production of the amyloid brain plaque that characterizes dementia in general and Alzheimers disease in particular. Some researchers see that the correlation may be related to the presence of mathematical challenges in both activities. For online casino gamers, this kind of mathematical progression is most visible in the wagering schedules which rely heavily on an understanding and manipulation of numbers and math concepts. Wagering schedules are not a part of all casino games but they are closely related to many games including card games of online blackjack and poker and table games which include baccarat, roulette and craps. One of the most famous and most popular wagering strategies is the Prime Numbers strategy. The Prime Number Strategy is based on the idea that prime numbers — numbers which are not divisible by any other number except one and themselves — are unique numbers and, for some unknown reason, have a proportionally higher percentage of achieving a victory.


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